Genesis 8

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Genesis 8

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Summary –Noah and his family exited they ark after the flood waters were gone. The flood waters were on the earth a year & ten days.  They waited for the Lord God to dry up the flood waters. When the earth was dry, they departed from the ark. Noah built an altar and offered a burnt offering to the Lord.


Lessons to Guide Your Life:

Warning / Command / Promise – v.21 The Lord will never again curse the ground because of man;  v.22 (destroy all living)

Example: Noah offered what was pleasing to the Lord v.20-21

Main Truth – God protected Noah & family until the flood waters diminished from the earth.

Lesson / Principle –Noah and his family obeyed God and they were saved.

God’s Word & Who God Is:

Why in scripture – To see God’s righteous judgment & his power

Character of God – All knowing, all powerful, merciful, sustainer, protector.

Direction For Your Life:

Things to pray for – Help for an obedient heart and full dependence upon God.

Encouraging Thought – v.21 The Lord will never ever again smite or destroy every living thing.

Conclusion: God demands obedience because He is righteous. God judges for sin.

Questions/Thoughts to Ponder: 

Current situation – Pray the Lord will have mercy upon me & with hold consequences for my sin.

Action – How will I avoid sin?

Seek God’s word daily – have an unbreakable appointment with God.

Am I depending on God as my sustainer of life?

Answer to question – Hide God’s word in my heart.

Background of the Chapter:

Who – God, Noah, Noah’s wife, Noah’s sons, Noah’s son’s wives.

Where – On the face of the earth, mountains of ararat (Armenia)

When 150 days after flood water diminished, seventh month seventeenth day ark on mountain, tenth month. First month – waters continued to diminish, after 40 more days Noah opened the window, Noah 601 (First day of first month waters were drying, second month twenty seventh day land entirely dry.

Key: Genesis 8: 22

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