Genesis 6

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The Bible:  Chapter By Chapter

Genesis – 6

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Summary – God told Noah how to prepare for the coming destruction because of the wickedness of man. Evil is on the earth. Sons of God are uniting with daughter of men. Every intent of man is evil. The Lord God is giving Noah commands for building the ark.


Lessons to Guide Your Life:

Warning / Command/ Promise/ Example –

v.18 God established covenant with Noah – Disobedience (wickedness, lost of direction) leads to destruction (grave consequences) .

Truth – The Lord God had to destroy creation due to the evil intentions of man.

Lesson / Principle– Wickedness will not strive on the earth

God’s Word & Who God Is:

Why – To reveal what happen to men in the past due to their evilness. To show God’s response to sin.

Character of God – Holy, demands obedience, just, controls all things, Judge, Ruler.

Direction For Your Life:

Prayer–Lord remove wickedness from my heart

Encouraging – Noah found favor in the Lord

Conclusion – Fellowship with God keeps us from evilness.

Questions/Thoughts to Ponder: 

Is there constant evil or disobedience in my life?

How am I going to rid my life of evil?

What are some of the consequences for my sin?

Noah walked with God. Am I walking with God?

Noah obeyed all as the Lord commanded. Am I obeying the Lord?

There has been habitual sin in my life. I will continue to hide God’s word in my heart daily that I might not sin against him. I am trying to walk with God by keeping an unbreakable appointment with him each morning.

Key:  Genesis 6: 22

Background of the Chapter:

Who – God, Noah, sons of God, Daughters of men. Noah’s sons (Shem, Ham, Japheth) and wives mentioned.

Where – Face of the land, on the earth

When – Early in time.


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