Genesis 5

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The Bible:  Chapter By Chapter

Genesis: 5

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Summary –God blessed several generations from Adam to Noah with fruitfulness.


What: From Adam to Noah; they are living, having children & dying.



Lessons to Guide Your Life:

Example: Be fruitful & multiply; Enoch walked with God.

Truth: God caused each generation to be fruitful.

Lesson / Principle: Man is created in the likeness of God v.5.1, God brings the increase


God’s Word & Who God Is:

Why – To reveal how God kept / blessed each generation from Adam to Noah (the one who would bring relief / comfort)

Character of God – Sovereign, all powerful, faithful, sustainer


Direction For Your Life:

Prayer –God please allow me to be fruitful. I want to walk with God. v.22

Encouraging: God is the sustainer of life from generation to generation.

Conclusion: God sustains my life and my family’s life.

Current situation – I do not have any children but I am a child in my family.

Questions/Thoughts to Ponder: 

-How am I trusting God to sustain my family?

-Are there times when I have not trusted in God?

-When have I tried to make my plan God’s?

Pray for God’s continual sustaining power. Trust God for his provisions and blessing of children and family. Walk with God.

Genesis 5:22

Enoch walked (in habitual fellowship) with God after the birth of Methuselah 300 years and had other sons and daughters.

Genesis 5: 29

He named him Noah saying, this one shall bring me relief / comfort.

Background of the Chapter:

Who –God, Adam (male or female) generations of Adam to Noah.

When: Beginning of time


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