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God Grace?


What do you think of when you hear the word SIN?  Does that word bring fear or encouragement?  Sin can be defined as any action in word, thought, or deed that goes against the Word of God.  Sin is doing what God has said not to do and it is not doing what God has said to do.


Genesis chapter three reveals how sin entered the world.  The serpent talked with Eve and convinced her to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Eve also gave the fruit to her husband and encouraged him to sin against God.  From this point, sin entered the world.


So here’s the bad news . . . The serpent was arrogant in his boast against God.  After being encouraged by the serpent, man and woman made a choice opposite of God.   Adam and Eve were sent out of the garden of Eden. God is holy, just, and He gives consequences for sin.  God gave consequences to all:  the serpent, man, and woman.  He gave consequences to the serpent because he encouraged God’s creation to disobey Him.  The woman was given consequences because she followed the leading of the serpent in being disobedient to God.  The man was given consequences because he disobeyed God in following his wife’s leading in eating the fruit from the tree.  What are the consequences for your sin?


Man followed the serpent even though they knew it was against God.  You do not want to be encourage by others to sin against God.  God expects his commands to be followed and there are consequences for not following.  Follow the Lord not someone / something leading upon elsewhere (away from God).  When have you listened to the influence of others and sinned?  When have you caused others to sin?


But here’s the good news . . . God still cares for us in the midst of our sin.  God cared for Adam and Eve because He made clothes for them even after they sinned.  Genesis 3:21  “For Adam also and for his wife the Lord God made long coats (tunics) of skin and clothed them.”    God could have but He did not kill Adam and Eve right after they sinned!  The grace of God is amazing!  He has the power to utterly destroy any who go against what He has said but His grace abounds.  You can be truly thankful for the grace of God.





I have given into temptation and sinned against You. I have allowed others to lead me into tempting and sinful situations. I have been disobedient to your word. I have not been careful to obey the Lord’s commands.  Lord help me to resist temptation and obey.  I am thankful for the grace of God.  Your grace carries me when I need your strength.  AMEN!

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