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The Power of God

Where have I not given God the glory for His creation?  In the beginning was God and He created the heavens and the earth.  In six days, God brought all things into existence.  Can you imagine a time when there was nothing but God?


It is hard to imagine a time of nothingness, but God created everything out of nothing.  The human mind cannot conceive the notion of making something from nothing because we are not God.  Only God could have the power to bring everything into existence.  Just think about the power of God!


The power of God is absolutely amazing!  God created everything by Himself.  He created the heavens and the earth and all else in six days.  The days of creation are as follows: 1. day and light 2.  heavens and sky 3.  trees, plants, fruits, land, seas 4. moon, sun, stars 5. birds, fish, sea creatures 6.  beast, livestock, and man in six days.  God saw that His creation was good and He approved it.


God is the Creator of all and He is in total control. The beginning of time started by Him. He did it! God was there even before the world was formed and fashioned. No one created God. God alone created all things.


Have I doubted the power of God?  Genesis explains how the beginning of time began.  Genesis chapter one was written to tell us about the beginning and how the world was created.  This is an awesome display of the power of Almighty God.  God is the Creator.  He is all powerful, in total control, and almighty.  We need to recognize God for who He is, in all His power & majesty.


Man was the crown of God’s creation.  He saved the best for last!   He created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him: male and female He created them.


What does Genesis chapter one mean for your life?  God commanded man to be fruitful, multiply, fill and subdue the earth.  God also told man to have dominion over the animals. So ask yourself, Am I being fruitful, multiplying or filling the earth?  Am I subduing the earth?  How am I demonstrating dominion over the animals?


Prayer response for Genesis 1:



I thank you for revealing to me how the world was created before I came to be. Thank you for being Creator of all things. Thank you for being God almighty.  I do not have to worry or fret because you have all power in your hands.  Father, I thank you because all power in your hands.  Amen!

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